helensburgh football club code Of conduct


The Committee of Helensburgh Football Club expects that everyone who is associated with the club should strive to achieve the Codes of Conduct listed below.  If these practices are adhered to then we will have a club that people in the Community will be proud to be part of.

Respect every player.
Be conscious of the safety of every player.
Be equitable with the playing time for each and every player.
Be aware and follow the guidelines of the governing body.
Be of good behaviour and appearance.
Be respectful of all decisions made by the match officials.
Never use inappropriate or bad language.
They must abide by the medical advice concerning an injured player.
They must be aware of any medical condition or medication a player has.
They must ensure all players are aware of the times of matches and training sessions and they have a contact number in case of cancellation.
They should be encouraged to attend Coaching Courses to keep them up to date with the latest techniques and drills.

Respect the club’s property i.e. kit, training facilities, dressing rooms.
Respect the club’s officials and fellow players.
Respect the decisions of the match officials. They should make an effort to study the laws of the game.
They should respect their opponents.
Ensure they are punctual for all matches and training sessions.
Advise their coach when they will not be available.
They should inform their coach of any medical condition or injury sustained before or during club activities.
They should show a high standard of behaviour during all club activities and refrain from displaying dissent or bad language.

Parents will be responsible for ensuring that their child gets to the club match or activity in plenty of time. They will also be responsible for getting their child home safely.
They must respect every player on the park including the opposition.
They should avoid coaching their child.
They should be encouraged to applaud good play from both sides.
They should not shout and scream.
They should on no account question the match official’s decisions. If adults are seen to question decisions how then are we to get the children to accept decisions?
They should support and encourage all coaches.

These practices are in line with the SFA’s Positive Coaching Scotland Campaign (PCS). Visitors to our club will see the PCS posters at every home game and the Coaches of each age group encourage visiting teams to adopt these standards.